Best Wedding Arbors For The Perfect Keepsake

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wedding arbors

Wedding arbors create the perfect spot to stand together and recite your vows. Decorating arbors with flowers and lights can make them even more unique and memorable. The magic you can create with the perfect decor is unbelievable. The enchantment that comes from that perfect look of your wedding day can start with the place you actually become man and wife, under a breathtaking arbor. Wedding arbors give your wedding an elegant look and feel along with creating amazing pictures. The simple addition of an arbor will intensify the look you are going for with your wedding.

Choosing Wedding Arbors

Wedding arbors come in different types of material. The 3 main types are vinyl, wood, and metal. If you plan to have the wedding inside then you will most likely want something that is portable. The vinyl arbor would be a great choice because it is light, easy to install, and easy to move around. A vinyl arbor has the look of wood, but is much more durable than wood. A vinyl arbor will last much longer than its wood counterpart. However, wood arbors have a great earthy look and feel to them.

If you prefer the look of wood, remember that they will be heavier and harder to install. You might want to plan ahead to have some extra help on hand during set up and take down of the wedding. The last choice in arbors is metal arbors. Metal arbors have a very elegant look to them. They are very durable and will stand the test of time! Even in high winds, metal arbors are known to not bend or break. However, metal arbors can be heavy. They are limited in their size because of their weight. Arbors made of aluminum are a great alternative since they are resistant to rust and are lighter in weight.

wedding arbor

From wooden to vinyl and arched to squared arbors, the varieties are endless. Some arbors have boxes on both sides for bright flowers to tie into your floral decor. Others have trellises to run ivy and roses around you as you say your “I do’s”. Budgets can be easy to break too, so there are Wedding Arbors for almost every budget. Arbors are an affordable way to add all the splendor to your big day.

Wedding arbors are not only perfect for your ceremony, but can be reused in your garden so that you can always look at it and remember that special day all over again. Arbors make the perfect gift for loved ones while they are planning a wedding ceremony. Everyone has their own tastes and styles, and every wedding has its one of a kind touch. Whether it’s a wooden look or the classic white vinyl arbors, you should be able to find the one that works for your style. Adding a wedding arbor to your ceremony will surely bring you the ecstasy you have always imagined with your wedding day. { –}