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Traditional wedding albums still have a role to play in Weddings today. However, there is a ‘ new kid on the block ‘ and it’s called your Online Wedding Album. Traditional Albums are usually a one – off for the Couple and, when the festivities are over, their Family and Friends all want a look at the pictures of that wonderful day. Unfortunately the Couple only has the one precious album, so arranging the viewing order can, and often is, a nightmare. Who gets first look? Why did they get a peek before us? Who made that stain on the Album? Who had it last and where is it? Online Wedding Albums completely negate all the problems in one fell swoop.

Online Wedding Album Ideas

Online wedding albums are, obviously, stored online and available to all whenever anyone wants to view them. No worries about being diplomatic on the order of viewing. No problems with a perfect Album coming back damaged. Definitely no worries on it getting mislaid or lost. Today’s Online Wedding Albums can start as much as 6 months before the actual Wedding Date. Basic information, like the Wedding Date, Church or Registry, Reception Venue and Wedding Gifts received can be uploaded into your Online Wedding Album.

Have no fears! Even if you have no experience with website creation and are not computer-savvy, if you can point and click a Mouse, you can create a most beautiful Online Wedding Album in a short space of time. If you make a mistake? Erase and start that bit again. Simple. Uploading information is a breeze, and uploading pictures is just as easy. However if you are not sure of anything, your Online Wedding Album hosts and advisors will be glad to help.

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Traditional wedding album cannot help with collating necessary information and getting it to all the Wedding Guests, Florists, Photographers, Caterers and Car Hire people [ to mention just a few ] so all this has to be done by the Couple or someone who has been asked to oversee the arrangements. Imagine having 100 guests and all the a fore-mentioned service providers to notify of changing details and updates to existing plans. Its a massive task to keep everything ticking along, never mind having to contact everyone with every detail change. In fact a nightmare.

Now. Your Online Wedding Album can be used for all of this. Give everyone the URL to your Online Wedding Album and instruct them to check often for any changes. It will be posted there. Many use the Online Album as a Diary leading up to the Wedding. Visitors and guests can ask questions and have them answered on site. New visitors can see the questions asked beforehand, and see the answers removing the need to contact the Couple. Of course private matters can be conducted using a specified email address to ensure privacy.

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There are dozens of uses the online wedding album can be used for but the main thing is the viewing of those precious photographs. They will always be in tip – top shape and can be seen at the viewer’s leisure, or they can be viewed via a ‘slideshow ‘ session. No problems with two people wanting to see them at the same time [as with the Traditional Wedding Album]. Individual photographs can be selected and, when the photos have been viewed, the selected pictures can be ordered and paid for right there and securely delivered to you within days.

So. Today’s modern soon-to-be-married Couple will order their Online Wedding Album in the sure knowledge that, with an initial bit of work and some later updating, everyone will be kept up-to-date on all aspects of the Couples Wedding more efficiently than any Wedding Planner could. The Online Wedding Album is not only a repository for the Wedding Photographs, but a most efficient tool that absolutely ensures all things run smoothly leading up to, and including, the Wedding itself. It totally frees the Couple to concentrate on their big day, and means everyone connected with the Wedding has the latest information and can just enjoy the Wedding with no last – minute surprises or shocks. {}