10 Stylish Wedding Accessories for Hair at Affordable Prices

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wedding accessories for hair

Thinking about accessories for brides, hair may become the big attention. If you have already styled your hair, it is about time to beautify it more with some wedding hair accessories for hair. With these accessories, you may create a unique appearance of your hair.

Due to the various choices, you won’t find any difficulty to get the ones you need. So, here are the brides’ essential hair accessories at affordable prices for your ideas.

  • Hair Clips

Ranging from small to large and bold, hair clips will give wow factor to a simple up-do hairstyle. Look at the one above. Have a look at the hair clip above. This golden butterfly hair clip will make your hair even more unique.

  • Hair Combs

Just like a hairpin, a hair comb can change your hair style to make it look the most artful. Another case with hairpin, comb can make your hair volume as well as make it more stylish and keep your hair order safe in place.

gold hair comb with pearl and crystal

It is a unique and stylish handmade brushed gold ivory pearl and crystal hair comb. It is plated in genuine 14 karat gold with unique two-tone silvery-gold hand-brushed leaves.

  • Hair Pins

They are available in highly decorative designs. These hair accessories are perfect for decorating a French pleat or a bun. Many brides and bridesmaids wear hair pins on their big day. It is not difficult for you to find a hair pin that is suitable for your hairstyle because they are present in various designs.

gold and silver hair pins

It is an attractive and adorable gold and silver scissors shaped hair pin. It looks simple but pretty indeed to decorate your hair.

  • Hair Slides

These hair accessories are very versatile. You can use a hair slide to hold your hairstyle to stay in place or place them into your hair according to your taste and use them as a decoration. Many brides use hair slides because of their flexibility and affordable price.

hair slides

This hair slide is very elegant. It is also much affordable.

  • Hair Claws

Some of you may have just heard about hair claws. But maybe you actually have one or two in your house. It’s just an unusual name. These hair accessories may be better known as crocodile clips, because of the shape that has a pointy and sometimes sharp teeth that hold the hair of each side. They are available in all sizes and designs. For those of you who have an up-do hairstyle, the hair claws will be the perfect accessories for your hair.

silver and gold hair claws

It is an elegant leaf design punk hair claw. Come in silver and gold color, it will make your hair very attractive.

  • Hair Bands

Do not you mistake the hair band just to beautify the hair of the children! There are so many beautiful hair bands out there, for women of all ages. Ranging from velvet ribbons, they are available in various colors up to simple ribbon with gems. It is the perfect hair accessory to turn your pony tail from plain to super chic.

hair band

It is a cute hair band. Available in various colors and designs.

  • Concord Clips

Like hair slides and hair pins, a concord clip is a very versatile accessory for your hair. You can use it to hold your hairstyle to stay in place or you can also just use it as a decoration. Concord clips are suitable to wear for all hair types.

concord clips

It is a cute concord pinch clip with printed paint splashed around. Available in purple and orange color.

  • Head Bands

Like a hair band, the head band is not just for kids. Brides and bridesmaids prefer head bands as a cheaper and sometimes more convenient option compared to Tiara. Unlike many other hair accessories, head bands can be worn for any type of hair or hair length.

headband wedding hair accessory

Available in various choices of colors, this headband is a perfect style if you are planning to have a bohemian wedding theme.

  • Headpieces

Traditional hair accessories but by no means a thing of the past! With a wide and feathery collection of diamante headpieces with pearl decorations, they are ideal for curling hair, romantic bun or elegant up-do.

silver gold headpiece

It is unique and classic handmade crystal rhinestones wedding headpiece. Available in silver tone and gold tone.

  • Tiaras

Wedding accessories for hair which are most often worn by the brides. If you have it, do not you just wear it on your wedding day! Remove the dust from it and feel like the princess again. This hair accessory is not just for being stored at the bottom of your wardrobe.

tiara wedding hair accessory

It is an elegant rhinestone studded tiara. It will turn you to be a real princess in your big day.

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