Beautiful and Cute Flower Girl Ballerina Shoes

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flower girl ballerina shoes

Here is a collection of flower girl ballerina shoes to inspire you. The shoes look pretty cute and beautiful. If you are seeking for a pair of ballerina shoes for your flower girl, one of these shoes will surely be the one you are looking for. Have a look at the shoes above. Look vintage and stylish, these flower girl ballerina shoes are available at etsy.

ballerina style flower girl shoes

Above, ballerina style flower girl shoes. Available at candy girl dress.

flower girl white ballerina shoes

Above, flower girl white ballerina shoes. Ballet slippers so stunning that the flower girl might just up-stage the bride. White lace over white satin upper is topped with two handmade rolled silk roses, giving these shoes a very “adult” aesthetic. See the details at etsy.

flower girl ballerina shoes with silk ribbon

Above, flower girl ballerina lace shoes with silk ribbon. Made of ivory cotton and overlaid with ivory lace and venice lace that has been meticulously hand beaded with pearls, french sequins and seed beads. They tie around the ankle with pure silk ribbon. Visit etsy for more info.

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