Creative Ideas: Wedding Centerpieces with Books

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wedding centerpieces with books

With creative ideas that you have you can make your books become beautiful wedding centerpieces. Here we show you some photos of creative wedding centerpieces with books that we selected for your inspiration . .. 🙂

Photo 1. Pretty wedding centerpieces with books. Photo is via Buzzing Bride.

wedding centerpieces with storybooks

Photo 2. Wedding centerpieces with storybooks. Photo is via Ruffled Blog.

book wedding centerpieces with candles

Photo 3. Creative book wedding centerpieces with candles. Photo is via Inspired by This.

books for wedding centerpieces

Photo 4. Books for pretty wedding centerpieces. Photo is via Hooray Hurrah.

vintage wedding centerpieces with old books

Photo 5. Vintage wedding centerpieces with old books. Photo is via Librarian Tell Sall.

books inspired wedding centerpieces

Photo 6. Books inspired wedding centerpieces. Photo is via United with Love.

book wedding centerpiece ideas

Photo 7. Book wedding centerpiece ideas. Photo is via Trusted Partner.

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