Wonderful Christmas Wedding Favors Ideas

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christmas wedding favors

So, you are getting married during the Christmas season and would like to buy some really nice Christmas wedding favors to match your decor and your overall theme? Well, don’t be worried I got you covered. There are a lot of different types of Christmas wedding favors that will make your wedding day decor pop. But first you require asking a few questions before purchasing your favors. How many wedding guests, family and friends are you going to have at my wedding? What is my budget per favor? Are you going to give one favor per couple or per person? What is the overall theme of your wedding? Are these favors great for a woman and a man? Are the favors going to be elegant and classy or fun and unique? After you answer the questions, now it is time to start browsing around. Here are some wonderful Christmas wedding favors ideas for your consideration.

The first photo above is Glass Christmas Wedding Favors. Ability to accent ink prints with Glitter ink highlights makes this ornament exceptionally beautiful, you can transform already beautiful wedding favor into a work of art! See the details.

christmas wedding party favors

snow in love tea lights

The Snow in Love Tea Lights depicts the happy winter bride and groom “Snow in Love”. Alone or together, this pink-cheeked pair symbolizes the season when wished-for snow days entice us all to be kids again! The Snow Man Tea Light sports a jaunty silver-banded, blue top hat and matching scarf, with black buttons accenting his “coat”. The Snow Woman, batting enviable eyelashes, is dressed for a day outdoors in a fashionable blue hat with matching scarf. See the details.

snowflake ornament and place card holder

The snowflake ornaments double as place card holders. You can either place a photo inside the ornament or a place card to seat your guests. The black ribbon and the silver plate are nicely designed with elegance being first. They are also magnets so your guests can have the fridge snowing all year round. See the details.

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