Types of Wedding Invitation Cards

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hammer wedding invitation cards

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life as a result you will desire everything to be totally perfect. When it comes to opting for a wedding invitation you will desire something that fits in with your theme and has the look and quality that you desire. You may possess something in mind such as a colorful butterfly invitation to match your wedding decorations. To get the most wanted invitation, then you need to know the types of wedding invitation cards. Here are some examples of the different types of card you are likely to find for wedding invitations.

Hammer Card Wedding InvitationHammer card is created with a texture running through it that looks as though it may have been hit with a hammer to give it an effect of not being smooth. This typically comes in a thickness of around 300gsm for a good quality feel and is a well-liked option for wedding cards.

glossy wedding invitation cards

Glossy CardGlossy card is a good option if you are having invitation printed with a number of high resolutions detailed graphics. Image quality will come out best on a glossy surface and give the feel of shiny brochure like presence. With glossy you should also see a reflection in the card when you move it in light similar to a photograph. This is a good choice to make those sharp images stand out and give your wedding invite the showy alluring feel.

luster wedding invitation cards

Gloss Luster – Luster is close to the glossy card with a glossy appearance. This card is geared more towards a pigment ink and gives amazing print quality with a 300gsm thickness and has real photo base card. Enhanced layering technologies gives the cards a lively and traditional feel and finish. The UV absorbers and ozone protectors were specifically designed for the luster product. The major difference between the gloss and the luster is the way it interacts with the light. The gloss gives a reflection like a photograph when moved in light were as the luster produces a magical gleaming shimmer giving it the mark of quality and elegance.

Linen Card – The linen card is an outstanding option for a more traditional feel. When you look at a magnified view of the material it has weaving lines to give the card its texture. It has a quality feel and gives the ideal texture for the invitation designs with the old fashioned paper style backgrounds.

Smooth Matt – The soft card is a clear choice if you don’t desire something with a texture or a polished look. It isn’t the best for printing sharp images or high resolution but if you desire something more plain looking and non-flashy then this would be a good choice. The texture of the card is soft and is of a standard thickness.

Felt Card – The felt card is another good option for a textured feel. It isn’t too dissimilar from the linen card or the hammer card. Running your finger along its surface reveals a number of slight bumps in the texture to give it that feeling of quality.

pearlescent wedding invitation cards

PearlescentThe pearlescent card has a very luxurious look and feel with its sparkling surface. This card stands out as exclusive from the rest and has a glittering kind of surface. Cut from a thick card stock the pearlescent has a high quality feel, look and style. This is the ideal card to make your wedding invites show up and give your guests a first class impression.

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