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The first part in making a great wedding invitation is selecting the format of the invitation. For these things you can’t find at home, don’t be afraid to make use of printable templates online. Integrate you and your man’s personalities. Google has added over 20 wedding templates in Docs that let users access pre-made documents to track your wedding budget, gather addresses for invitations, compare vendors and much more.

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Templates range from wedding photo albums, to music lists wedding ceremony invitations are an integral part of a wedding’s style and also the “mood” you would like to set up for your special day. After all, put a map to the church as well as the reception. A map will be extremely handy. You no longer require depending on some hoity-toity stationers to design and print your wedding invitations. You have the Internet, a computer, a printer. With these modern conveniences plus some old-school ingenuity, you can wow your guests with the perfect nuptial day begins with chic invitations and printed materials. Here are some wedding invitation templates for your ideas and inspirations.

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