Unique Wedding Invitations in Five Unique Styles

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Unique Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

By Linda Cress Dowdy
pocket style wedding invitations
pocket style wedding invitations

Today’s brides and grooms are searching for ways to make the look of their wedding ceremony unique and different from any other weddings. The wedding invitation is able to set the tone for the wedding itself. That is why it is important to opt for a unique wedding invitation to make known that special occasion in distinctive fashion. Take a look at these five unique styles for unique wedding invitations that will surely stir interest and get noticed from the people you are inviting.

Pocket style – In a variety of sizes and shapes, a pocket style wedding invitation holds the invitation in a pocket that is open on one side. The pocket can be a translucent paper printed in a soft floral design or can be a striking solid color that complements the invitation itself. Additional components such as the reception card, response card or even maps to the ceremony and reception are placed in the pocket as well. Then, the pocket is enclosed in the inside and outside envelopes for a very special invitation that is fun to open.

wedding invitations with bows
wedding invitations with bows

Bow tied – Present an invitation that looks more like a gift than a card. Opt for an invitation that comes complete with a bow in a complementary color. Bows can be tied completely around the invitation or it can be threaded through die cut areas on the invitation and then tied. Invitations tied with a bow are especially attractive and add a unique feel to a frequently printed card. The cost of the bow is usually included in the price of the invitation but does come individually so some assembly may be required.

Fancy folds – Send an invitation that is more than a simple card printed on one side. Distinctive invitations now come in creative formats that include die cuts and multiple folds. Three panel, accordion folded invitations are well-liked and attractive, with embossed designs that flow across all three panels. Truly elegant wedding invitations include origami like folds that fold one direction, then another, and are tied with a bow closure. Still others fold and lock with unique die cut designs.

Skinny – Contemporary invitations are obtaining in popularity. Some are tall and skinny designs with an envelope that opens on the short end for a unique look that will stand out from normal size wedding invitations. Or, the invitation can be horizontal with the envelope opening on the long side. Either way, these invitations come in a variety of colors, including some with bows as well to accessorize this uniquely sized invitation.

jacket wedding invitations
jacket wedding invitations

Jacket style – These unique wedding invitations feature a folded jacket that holds the invitation and other components within. Typically open on the top and bottom, the jacket folds on both the left and right sides to meet in the middle like a gate. Frequently a ribbon is included to tie around the jacket. Or, a jacket can be cut so that one side overlaps the other or includes a tab that is inserted in a slit to hold it closed.

Irrespective of what style invitation you select, ensure the paper and print quality are of the highest standards as your wedding invitation not only communicates the specifics of your big day, it also is a reflection of your taste and style. Unique wedding invitations are as much fun to select as they are to receive. Once you have selected yours, you may want to take it one step further by having someone dressed in a tux hand deliver them. Find more unique wedding invitations.

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