Modern Wedding Invitation Ideas

Modern Wedding Invitations with the Pocket Fold

By Pam Kazmierczak
wedding invitations with pocket folds

wedding invitations with pocket folds

When brides are seeking for modern wedding invitations, many are considering using the pocket fold style. This style of wedding stationery looks sleek, impressive and stylish. There are countless different things you can do to make sure that you have modern invitations, from using photos, vivid colors, unique fonts and designs, but the pocket fold may very well be the most modern of the wedding invitations available on the market today.

Albeit this type of stationery is beautiful and wonderful in many ways, the price tag is also higher than standard stationery. Just like any other product you buy for your wedding the pricing is varied from store to store across the internet and in local shops. Even with differing prices the majority you will see is in the range of $3 – 5 per invitation. That can rapidly add up, particularly if you have a large wedding in mind. For sure for some the price is worth it.

If you spend some time looking online you may be able to find cheaper styles available or you could select to design your own or purchase a DIY kit for your pocket fold wedding invitations. The choice is up to you.

pocket fold wedding invitations

pocket fold wedding invitations

Outside of the price there is really no other difference for choosing this type of stationery for your big day. This style is not only stunning but it is practical. The most ordinary invitation used in weddings is the flat invitation. There is surely nothing wrong with this style, it can also be beautiful and modern as you so desire. The difference comes in the presentation.

When you send out a typical flat invitation the only thing printed on the invitation itself is the wedding details. You still have to add inserts for a variety of things including when and where the reception is, food choices for the reception, RSVP cards, direction cards, Registry Info and more. These inserts have to either go in front or behind the invitation. This means that you do not have the crispest, most streamlined presentation you can have. Using The Pocket Fold Invitations changes everything.

This type of invitation shows beauty and elegance on the outside. The guests unwrap it to reveal the wedding information. Depending upon the style of the stationery itself you can either just have the typical info printed on it or you can also use some of the space on the inside to print other information. Anything you select not to print on the invitation, all the inserts you have left, go neatly in the pockets on the inside. This creates one striking masterpiece of wedding stationery, one which you can be proud of. It will certainly be a keepsake you will cherish along with the rest of your wedding mementos.

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