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Top 5 Musts for Your Wedding Registry

By Christi Brooks

Making your wedding registry will almost certainly be one of the most fun but also most exhausting parts of planning for your wedding. It starts off super fun to make use of the little scanner guns to select the wedding gifts you expect someone will purchase you. But then the list gets longer and longer and you begin to question which set of dishes would look best with the set of glasses you chose. Then you can’t memorize which set you essentially chose so you have to go over and look at them again. Then you question how many things you require on your list or if it is regarded good etiquette to register for expensive things or not.

wedding registry
wedding registry

While you are peppering your fiancé with these questions, he is getting more and more exhausted of shopping. Pretty quickly your fiancé says he doesn’t care which set of towels match your soap dispenser best, just hurry and select. Then you accuse him of not caring about this wedding like you do and things go downhill from there.

So how do you keep your wedding registering from turning ugly? You go to register prepared and well-informed about what to select. Bear these top 10 wedding registry tips in mind as you tackle this wedding task.

1. Quality – Register for good quality items. We knew our friends were not very well off since they were college students like us. We also didn’t desire to seem greedy, so we registered for the least expensive of every item we could find. The problem with this was that many of the cheap items we registered for had to be replaced within a year or two, but this time it was at our expense. So be sure to look for quality.

2. Price – Register for a variety of price levels. What you may think is too expensive to put on a registry may be ideal for your coworkers to go in together on. What you may be scared is too small to put on a registry may be fun for people to bundle together for a personalized gift basket.

3. Convenience – Take your guests’ convenience into account when you register. Ask the store if your guests can pay for items online from your registry. Ensure to register at a store that is close to where your wedding will be held. Ensure your registry is easy to comprehend and includes all the information your guests will necessitate to get the exact product you desire.

4. Creativity – Be creative when you register. Try to think of items that you really desire but that might not traditionally be on a registry such as camping gear.

5. Duplication – Be careful when registering at multiple stores that you don’t register for the same item but different brands or features at two different stores. This may puzzle guests who look at multiple registries as to which item you really wish for.

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