Cute Flat Wedding Shoes

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What to Know about Flat Wedding Shoes

By Bridget Mora
flat wedding shoes
flat wedding shoes

The shoes that you select for your wedding have to accomplish a lot of requirements. They require being comfortable, beautiful, and working with your wedding gown. When high heels are not a choice, a number of brides think that they will never be able to get cute flats. Don’t worry, though, since there are in fact a number of great styles out there.

There are a lot of reasons why a bride might come to a decision to have on flat shoes for her wedding. She might be having her ceremony on grass or sand, and desires a shoe that won’t sink into the turf. If her fiancĂ© is not much taller than she is, many a bride feels like a low shoe is essential for the sake of the wedding photos. Or maybe you just desire to be comfy. In my case, one of my bridesmaids wisely pointed out that I didn’t recognize how to walk elegantly in heels, and my wedding day was surely not the time to learn! (It was good advice – I went with the flats, a classic pair of Kenneth Cole white silk flats with a small tailored bow.)

What on earth your reason is, there is going to be a pair of flat shoes that is ideal for your wedding. In the majority of cases brides have a preference to go with a bridal shoe in a fabric that matches the white or ivory of her gown; there is not rule, although, that you can’t be more playful with your wedding shoes. This is particularly right if you are wearing a very full skirted gown, since your guests will really only be getting a glimpse of the shoes anyway. Go ahead and select a flat in an elegant silver or gold silk, or really be bold and wear a bright red silk shoe (a peep-toe style could be adorable).

One choice that lots of brides like is to have on ballet slippers. You are acquainted with that you won’t have blisters on your feet by the end of the night if you select this super comfy type of flat. Real ballet slippers (as opposed to a ballet slipper style of shoe) have very soft soles which over time will form to your feet. They really are made in one shape – there is no right or left slipper – so you will desire to have on them around the house to get them to conform to your feet (otherwise they look funny).

cute flat wedding shoes
cute flat wedding shoes

Not every bride embraces the idea of wearing a flat shoe for her wedding, particularly those who are only doing it so that they will not tower over their new husband. Even if you are generally a stiletto lover, you can still find flats that are stylish and sophisticated. There are a few wedding shoes designers who specialize in low strappy shoes, like Stuart Weitman (also nice for the mother of the bride who wants a comfortable dressy shoe).

Plain shoes can also be customized to make them more special. If you discover a pair of shoes that feels great but needs some pizzazz, buy them, and plan to embellish them to coordinate with the rest of your wedding ensemble. Brides love sparkle, and many of them will add some crystal or rhinestone accents to their wedding shoes to go with their crystal bridal jewelry. All you do is pick out an element from your bridal jewelry that you really love, such as a small crystal flower, and stitch it to the toe of the shoe. This is a particularly great idea for brides who are wearing silk thongs for beach weddings. A little bit of sparkle will take the flip flop from casual to elegant.

Once you start searhing, you will realize that there are lots of cute wedding flats obtainable. They may not be as sexy as a pair of sky high heels, but when you are still dancing at the end of the night instead of limping like the bride who chose the stilettos, you will be glad you went with the flats.

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