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ideas on unique wedding favors

When someone is having a planning of a wedding, opting for the perfect wedding favor is a detail that frequently gets unnoticed amid selecting the right dress, best catering and most beautiful flowers. Wedding favors are a chance to thank family and friends for all that they have done for the happy couple. They are also the wonderful way to keep in mind the wedding day for years to come. That is why selecting truly unique wedding favors will create a huge impact on a wedding and its guests. There are more than a few ways brides go about selecting unique wedding favors. The majority of them try to tie into the “theme” of the wedding. Others attempt to coordinate with their wedding colors or the table decorations. Whatever the goal, here are a number of truly unique wedding favors to consider when you are planning the ultimate wedding.

wedding favors with unique ideas

Brides who favor sentimentality have a tendency to like unique wedding favors that emphasize the day and the happy couple. A small sterling silver picture frame with the date engraved can provide as a stylish table placeholder before going home with each guest. To really take it to the next level in unique wedding favors, they can have the wedding photographer take a photo of each guest or couple and forward a copy to them when they are printed. Frequently weddings are occasions where people look their best and a photo would be treasured. Unique wedding favors that still arrest the sentimental spirit can also contain a personalized CD burned with songs from the wedding. Most songs are selected ahead of time, so the CD can include the ones used for the bride and groom’s first dance, her father/daughter dance, his mother/son dance and the bridal party dance. There will still be plenty of room for some of the happy couple’s favorite or sentimental songs as well. A customized CD label is the perfect finishing touch.

Beach weddings are naturally the most well-liked destination wedding. There are a number of options for incorporating a beach theme into the favors. Unique wedding favors for a beach wedding can be as simple as a gorgeous bleached starfish tied with a satin ribbon or as elaborate as custom embroidered beach tote bags. Other beach ideas contain sailboat tea lights, seashell cookie cutters and mini beach pails filled with goodies. Another well-liked wedding destination is a stunning mountain setting. In this case, the best scenario for unique wedding favors naturally involves nature. The living trees or plants mentioned above would work nicely in a mountain setting. Also, anything carved from wood, candied nuts, or homemade candles.

unique creative wedding favors

There are exactly thousands of options when selecting unique wedding favors. By taking the time to consider what friends and family can really employ and what will be the best accent for the wedding, brides can really make a statement of thanks. Unique wedding favors really stand out among the typical and guests will be acquainted right away that a lot of thought went into planning this affair.

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