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Don’t you know how to plan a wedding from beginning to end? Unless you’re a knowledgeable wedding planner, the answer to that question is almost certainly not. Every year, hundreds of brides and grooms manage to get married without essentially knowing all the ins and outs of wedding planning.

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From the moment you turn out to be engaged, you will probably start on imagining your dream wedding. What that magical day looks like, however, can be very different depending on your upbringing, your culture, your financial condition, and your persona.

It’s a good idea to make a wedding planning checklist when first starting out. However, a lot of important elements and steps of a wedding that require to be addressed are the same, no matter how extravagant or simple you select to make your wedding.

How much money can you use up on your wedding? A number of individuals prefer to save their money for a honeymoon or even for a future home. Others opt for spending their entire wedding budget on the event itself. Decide early how much you desire to spend and attempt to stick to it. This will be the foundation for planning all other aspects of the wedding.

Weddings can be planned rapidly, even within weeks, or as far in advance as a year or more. When setting a date, be sure to take into account weather and season, in particular if guests will be traveling to be present at the ceremony or if you’d like an outdoor wedding theme.

The ceremony is the base for any wedding and usually consists of an exchange of vows, witnessed by friends and family, and officiated by an ordained minister or official. Ceremonies range from simple to lavish, depending on a variety of factors. [via]

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