Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

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beach theme wedding cakesbeach theme wedding cakes

Simple Ideas on Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

Beach theme wedding cakes are often used at destination weddings or unions in tropical locales. These wedding cakes can be a unique way to celebrate natural beauty and break with tradition. A beach themed wedding cake does not often require decorations that are too elaborate. That is why beach themed wedding cakes are affordable for many couples, and they fit well with almost all wedding color and decoration themes. The most common beach theme wedding cakes integrate shells or waves, but there are plenty of other ways to call the setting to mind to make beautiful beach themed wedding cakes. Considering asking a decorator to work up a design that includes coral, seaweed, sand, or pretty beach creatures is a good way to have more ideas on these pretty cakes.

white beach theme wedding cakeswhite beach theme wedding cakes

Coral is one of the most beautiful ocean features that would be nice to decorate beach themed wedding cakes but it is seldom used in cakes. That is unfortunate since its intricate and natural designs, vibrant colors, and natural beauty make it a phenomenal choice for a special occasion dessert. There are a lot of engaged couples skip coral when thinking about how to present a cake with a beach theme because they may not realize that coral comes in an incredible variety of patterns and shapes. Although an initial thought from brides and grooms is that a cake would look strange when studded with butter cream coral formations, coral is actually a fantastic fit due to the lovely, understated designs that pair well with flowers and more traditional wedding cake decorations. Just be creative when thinking about designs, and enjoy the process of making beach theme wedding cakes.

unique white beach theme wedding cakesunique white beach theme wedding cakes

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