Beach Themed Bridesmaid Dresses

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beach themed bridesmaid dresses

When choosing beach themed bridesmaid dresses, it’s so important to take into consideration the various body types, heights, and even skin tones of your bridesmaids, and choose a dress that best flatters all of them evenly. Your beach theme wedding will give you the opportunity to have a little fun with the process. It is not only because a beach dress simply differs from the traditional bridesmaid dress, it also stands to be a bit more versatile for women of various sizes. That is why it is also important to consider some points below when choosing beach theme bridesmaids’ dresses.

blue beach themed bridesmaid dress

Weather is a major concern. Ideally, the day will be warm, pleasant, and perhaps slightly windy. If the wedding is taking place in early autumn, you might expect a slight chill in the air. Take this into account when shopping for bridesmaid dresses, and make arrangements for light cover-ups (an organza wrap is a great choice) should the breeze begin to blow a bit too furiously for your bridesmaids’ comfort.

Construction of the dress is crucial. Beach dresses should not be heavy or cumbersome; instead, they should skim the body gently and flow softly over a woman’s figure. Steer clear of rich fabrics like velvet or wool that will be too heavy and stifling. Opt instead for breathable, lightweight materials that keep the wearer comfortable all day long. Great choices include silk, chiffon, satin, cotton, or a light blend.

Color is yet another factor to consider. Indoor and winter weddings are much more likely to utilize darker colors to accent the ceremony. A beach wedding, however, is the perfect setting to incorporate light, airy colors, such as pink, blue, yellow, mint, and other pastels. You can even get away with a light metallic, like champagne or gilded beige, for a beautiful, elegant look.

Length is extremely important, because long dresses will easily drag over the sand and sully the hem. If you do wish to opt for a longer dress, steer clear of anything that goes beyond the ankles, as this will make for some precarious situations for your bridesmaids. Ideally, beach dresses should be cut to knee length or a bit shorter. This is practical for the setting, the weather, and even for longevity’s sake, because shorter, airy styles tend to be fairly versatile.

Embellishments need not be extravagant or over-the-top. In fact, less is more when it comes to dress adornments. Steer clear of overly formal details, such as sequins, beading, and other intricacies. Embrace simplicity and choose dresses that boast softly feminine details, such as fabric or lace overlays, slight pleating or perhaps a very slim line of ribbon or thin beaded trim. [via]

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