Styles for Informal Wedding Dresses

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informal v-neck wedding dressesinformal v-neck wedding dress

Informal wedding dresses come with different characteristics from formal wedding gowns. The differences can be seen from their different trains, fabrics, skirts and colors. There are many or even most formal wedding gowns which have a distinct train and in the meantime, many informal dresses do not. A very short “sweep” train may be part of an informal wedding dress, but anything longer is not considered informal. Informal wedding dresses come with beautiful fabrics. The same satins, silks and other formal wedding dresses that are common for most wedding gowns are also popular for informal dresses, although informal wedding gowns may also use less exotic fabrics. The dress may be made from lightweight cotton or other comfortable, inexpensive materials.

informal silk wedding dressesinformal silk wedding dress

The skirt for informal wedding dresses is different from the formal ones. The skirt on a less-formal bridal dress is usually less full than with more elaborate, formal gowns. Full, princess style skirts are reserved for formal wedding dresses. And the last different can be seen from the usage of colors. In spite of the rising popularity of colored wedding dresses, most brides shopping for a formal wedding gown still choose some variation of white or ivory for their dress. Informal wedding dresses, however, come in a wider range of colors including different pastels and prints.

informal lace wedding dressinformal lace wedding dress

informal strapless beach wedding dressinformal strapless beach wedding dress

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