Choices for Black and White Wedding Gowns

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black and white wedding gown with sashblack and white wedding gown with sash

Your black and white wedding gowns will look more beautiful with the additional choices of accessories or embellishments. For the bride, the most common and preferred choice in a black and white dress is a predominately white dress with black accents. It can be as simple as a black sash or bow; or more involved, like toile throughout the dress. Wedding gown designers with an eye for strong statements look for exciting ways to add black – on a gown with a train, for instance, black panels are dazzling. It is also possible that black can also be folded into pleats or wrapped around the skirt’s hem.

black and white wedding gown with corsetblack and white wedding gown with corset

To avoid busyness, a white dress ornamented with black requires having a simple, clean cut. While you can certainly add a contrasting accent to a full-skirted dress, you’re in danger of distracting the eye. Similarly, although checkerboard patterns and swirls can add distinction, you need to be sure they are kept as light accents – you don’t want your guests to feel dizzy watching you dance, or even just walk down the aisle. With some nice choices for black and white wedding gowns, you will totally look great in them on your special evening wedding ceremony or party.

black and white wedding gown with strapsblack and white wedding gown with straps

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