Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

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cheap wedding favorscheap wedding favors

We don’t like to use the word cheap – we prefer “inexpensive wedding favors” since cheap sounds like your wedding favors were just a last minute thought after you ran out of wedding planning money! What we like about today’s brides is their creativity and inventiveness when it comes to stretching a wedding budget. Finding the perfect inexpensive wedding favor may be a challenge, but there really are so many inexpensive options to choose from once you have an idea.

cheap wedding favor ideascheap wedding favor ideas

Inexpensive or cheap wedding favors may be on your to do list for your reception but do you really want your wedding favors to look “cheap”? Probably not since the wedding favor is considered a thank you take along to remind your guests of spending your special day with you.

Let us give you some creative options for wedding favors if your budget is tight. Many ready to go wedding favors are available for $1 or less per favor – often much less expensive than buying everything separately as a bridesmaid craft project to be put together a few days before your wedding. Think of it, you need to buy the favor box, the trinkets or candies that go inside each box, the ribbon to tie up the box and then the thank you card. All these pieces and parts can easily add up to $2, $3 or more per favor!

cheap homemade wedding favorscheap homemade wedding favors

A few ready to go wedding favors you might want to consider are those that are considered practical favors that can be used again by your guests. The first favor that pops to mind of course is a candle wedding favor your guest will use at home and there is quite a selection of candle favors that are in the $1 to $2 range. If you’re looking for something different than candles, there are so many more practical favors that you may prefer. Let’s take a look.

One of our favorite inexpensive wedding favors also does double duty as a place card holder. A brushed silver photo frame situated at each guest’s designated seat will be a welcome take along thank you gift sure to remind them of the fun they had at your wedding. These photo frame place card holders can be picked up for less than $0.75 each! So if you are having 100 guests at your reception, you just picked up an elegant wedding favor for each guest for $75.00. Not bad, right?

Another inexpensive wedding favor idea is a heart cookie cutter in a transparent organza bag with a matching ribbon. Great for weddings right before the holidays as your guests can use them for making their special holiday cookies. An elegant but inexpensive favor idea is a crystal heart key chain that will surely put a smile on your guest’s faces. They will think you spent quite a bit on this favor but you spent less than $1 each.

If you are able to spend about $2 per favor quite a few more options become available to you. Bookmarks that match your wedding theme such as a calla lily bookmark or maple leaf bookmark if your wedding is in the fall. Another guest pleasing wedding favor idea is a scented sachet pillow. Fond memories will be had each and every time they open their lingerie drawers or linen closets!

Glass coaster sets tied together with a ribbon are available in a wide arrange of designs and colors and can be picked up for about $2 per coaster set. A cherry blossom designed notebook in the white – which matches every color scheme – can also be purchased for about $2 each. What a great way for your guests to remember you!

cheap diy wedding favorscheap diy wedding favors

We hope that this article has shown that you can gift your guests will elegant, yet inexpensive wedding favors that won’t break the bank. Before you choose your favor, take a few moments to take a look at the array of inexpensive options available that will make a nice presentation at your wedding.

By Denise Sanger

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