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v-neck black wedding dressv-neck black wedding dress

If you wanted to be totally unique for your big day then consider wearing a black wedding dress. This dress is totally back exuding a different kind of elegance and style. Most of us consider black as a taboo especially as the color of the wedding gown for it is associated with death or being sorrowful. But in the real sense of fashion, black is considered chic and stylish.

strapless black wedding dressstrapless black wedding dress

It is the opposite of the traditional wedding gown that we see. That is why as people might raise their eyebrows as you go against with what is customary. But as we have opened our eyes to many possibilities, the wearing of black wedding dress by the bride has been acceptable. Before the white wedding dress has become the traditional dress, most of the brides before favored wearing wedding gowns in bold and dark colors and one of those is black.

And now that we are in the modern century, history tends to repeat and most brides see black wedding dress as something extraordinary and an exquisite choice over the conventional wedding gowns. Black is used as accents for the brides’ dresses or the entire entourage while some brides prefer a full black wedding dress.

The kind of dress that you decide to wear during your big day is a personal choice. And in this case, since black may seem to be astonishing, it is better that you also tell your partner and family members about this option to know whether they approve it or not. It is important that you wear a dress that you are confident and comfortable with. If you are also thinking about a themed wedding like a Halloween inspired wedding or go back in times with Gothic wedding, then black wedding gown is more appropriate.

halter black wedding dresshalter black wedding dress

Since black wedding gown is not a usual piece in most bridal shops, you have to find some places to find some boutique that specializes on that. You can also look for great designs on the Internet and have your seamstress make the black wedding dress for you. If your budget permits, there are known designers who include black dresses in their wedding collection, so you might as well check on that.

If you are having hard times looking for the black wedding dresses, you can try some alternatives like costumes in some shops, vintage dresses, and other shops and do some alterations on the dress that you find. In this way, are assured that your dress is truly matchless and one of a kind. When wearing black wedding dress and you don’t want entire black for your attire, you can put some accents on the dress or wear black gloves as accessory.

You can also match other bold colors to go with your black theme like red, orange, fuchsia and many more. Since your dress will have a striking color, your make-up should not be heavy for you not to look gloomy. Remember that you wedding is a joyous event and wearing black wedding dress should make you stand out and be the dashing bride as ever. [via]

short black wedding dressshort black wedding dress

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