A Few Things to Know from Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

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tulle v-neck ball gown wedding dresstulle v-neck ball gown wedding dress

There are a few things to consider if you want to wear a ball gown wedding dress. Not the easiest dress to wear the ball gown has a couple of drawbacks for some brides. If you are petite brides, you may not have the height to balance the size of the skirt. And if you are a full busted bride, you may find a really wide skirt that will make you look larger. Choosing an a-line or princess cut dress can be more flattering in these circumstances.

organza v-neck ball gown wedding dressorganza v-neck ball gown wedding dress

So, what best figure type goes well with a ball gown wedding dress? Ball gown wedding dresses have a fitted bodice and full, wide skirt. Flaring out from the waist, your waistline will look slimmer and (if you need it) large hips or thighs will be camouflaged. Wedding gowns with a Basque waist have a fitted bodice with downward-pointing “V”. This “V” shape suits tall brides, and also brides with a short body and long legs.

taffeta ball gown wedding dresstaffeta ball gown wedding dress

satin ball gown wedding dresssatin ball gown wedding dress

The “V” shape should be avoided if you are short or have a short body with long legs. Most other body types can wear the ball gown style wedding dress. There are some fabrics which are usually made for ball gown dress. Tulle, organza and taffeta are great for the skirt. Velvet, Duchess satin Damask or brocade for bodice is just some choices. To get the best result, these are things you should consider before going to wear a ball gown style of wedding dress.

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