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cupcake wedding cakescupcake wedding cakes

Having cupcake wedding cakes in our wedding will be a great alternative to traditional wedding cakes. This kind of wedding “cakes” is really just cupcakes which are displayed on cupcake stands. However there are many of these cupcake wedding cakes which look quite fancy. We can really modify them to go with our style. They can be small and elegant cupcake wedding cakes. They can also be large and extravagant cupcake wedding cakes.

green cupcake wedding cakesgreen cupcake wedding cakes

Each guest at the wedding is allowed to have their own individually decorated cupcake wedding cakes. A traditional cake is all one flavor. Nevertheless, a nice advantage of having one of these types of cakes is that we are able to have various flavored cupcakes from which our guests can select. These cakes can also be a lot more reasonably priced than traditional regular cakes. This is especially true if we can make it ourselves. In reality, making one of these cakes ourselves is not very difficult to do.

fall cupcake wedding cakesfall cupcake wedding cakes

An important thing to think is how to display them. There are various cupcake stands from which we can opt for. A caterer or bakeries are able to help us providing wedding cupcake stand(s) or we can buy the stand(s) ourselves. A very popular choice for displaying our wedding cupcakes is cupcake trees. This type of stand usually comes in individual holders for each cupcake. When we display all the cupcakes in it, the shape looks like that of a tree.

elegant cupcake wedding cakeselegant cupcake wedding cakes

If we wish our cupcakes to look like a tiered wedding cake, we can look for cupcake towers having tiers. There are some couples who want a cupcake wedding cake, but also want a small wedding cake so that they can participate in the tradition of cutting a wedding cake at their wedding reception. There are also some tiered cupcake cake stands which are designed in a way that makes this possible. With these kinds of stands, we can place a small cake on the top tier, and we can also fill the lower tiers with cupcakes.
Colorizing coordinate our cupcakes with our wedding colors is pretty easy. We just find frosting in these colors. We might also feel like to vary the sizes of our cupcakes – a mix of mini and regular sized cupcakes would look nice. Keep in mind that we will have to transport the cupcakes to the reception location (unless the caterer does it for us). Depending on the number of cupcakes, it may be a lot to transport. We have to make sure we have adequate supplies to carry all of the cupcake wedding cakes. Cupcake wedding cakes appear pretty displayed on their stands, can be quite affordable, and are a wonderful and fun choice for a wedding.

unique cupcake wedding standsunique cupcake wedding stands

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