Red and White Bridesmaid Dresses

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red and white bridesmaid dressred and white bridesmaid dress

You’ve chosen the bridal gown, wedding flowers, tuxes and the wedding decorations. And now it’s about time to opt for the bridesmaids dresses. Choosing the bridesmaid dresses for the wedding party and wedding ceremony is made easier when the choices are such lovely shades of red as apple, ruby and scarlet.

white and red bridesmaid dresswhite and red bridesmaid dress

Of course, if the bride is wearing the red dress, the bridesmaids can wear the combination between red and white with matching frills and adornments. Red colors can, and should be, accented with white colors to create stylish looks to match your wedding theme. Small things can really make an outfit look completely different; as will certain shades. Scarlet red with ivory lace is very rustic and antique feel and perfect for a country style wedding that wants to add a little glamor.

simple red and white bridesmaid dresssimple red and white bridesmaid dress

A touch of red and white bridesmaid dresses looks more modern and contemporary. Bridesmaids aren’t just accessories to the wedding; they’re friends and family. They’re the important people in our lives. The way they look is also important for the pictures and ceremony.

lace red and white bridesmaid dresslace red and white bridesmaid dress

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