Unique Apple Wedding Favors

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red apple wedding favorsred apple wedding favors

Arriving some fruits in your wedding day would provide a fresh feeling to the guests. A good way for this idea is by providing apple wedding favors. Sweet, tart, crisp and juicy can be used to describe a delicious apple treat. Here are some fabulous apple favors for your ideas. Set an apple at each place setting, then you can insert a simple wire place-card holder into the top of the apple. And after that you can add an apple shaped place-card with the quest’s name in the holder section at the top.

unique and funny apple wedding favorsunique and funny apple wedding favor

Another creative idea is by placing a wooden cutting board in the center of each table and putting small, personalized sparkling cider bottles on the board – one for each guest. At last, you can complete decorating with a scattering of a few apples, fall leaves, pine cones, acorns and unshelled walnuts on and around the board. This idea is great for both a centerpiece and wedding favors.

You can have this idea as your wedding favors to do double-duty as a centerpiece. Just make or buy caramel or candied apples, then wrap in cellophane and tie off with a pretty ribbon around the stem. You can arrange the apples in an oval bread basket, placed on a mirror or plate, or create a “bouquet” by inserting the stick end of the apple into floral foam that’s been glued to the bottom of an apple basket or galvanized pail.

simple apple wedding favorssimple apple wedding favors

edible apple wedding favorsedible apple wedding favors

Finally, you can add a bit of moss to the top of the foam to hide it from view. Giving your guests individual and personalized jars of apple butter, packages of apple-spiced tea, or single-serving apple pies would be a creative idea for your wedding favors as well. [via]

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