Traditional Wedding Theme Ideas

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traditional wedding themestraditional wedding themes

Setting on a theme that will run throughout the proceedings becomes the secret to a perfect setting on a wedding. The trick is not to fuse. It is to fuse ideas. You will find a wide range of wedding theme types to choose. You can opt for both adventurous and classic; rom Bollywood, medieval, Indian Ocean, carnival, masquerade, fiesta and beach to the traditional Cinderella and Madhubala weddings. All of them come with their own color scheme (subtle and understated to bold and grandiose). Traditional wedding theme ideas are always liked. The good thing about keeping things traditional is that it’s likely to please your ‘desi’ ( local ) guests and intrigue the Western ones, whilst mirroring your own childhood vision of getting married, gleaned from all those classic Indian movies.

traditional wedding theme ideastraditional wedding theme ideas

Everyone from the caterer to the DJ will be in their element and should things go a little bit out of schedule, it’s all part of the grand Asian wedding ceremony and will surely be taken in good spirits! Traditional wedding theme doesn’t mean that there is only one to go about it either — your planner will have a million ideas to add to your own to ensure that your wedding will be a cut above others!

traditional wedding centerpiece ideastraditional wedding centerpiece ideas

traditional african wedding theme ideastraditional african wedding theme ideas

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