Tips before Choosing a Wedding Cake

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wedding cake cutting ceremonywedding cake cutting ceremony

Before determining a wedding a cake that will go harmoniously with the wedding theme or style, there are some things that must be considered in order to be suitable with the budget we provide. The location of the wedding reception also influences the choice of wedding cake design. We have to customize the wedding cake with the room of the wedding party including the wedding decorations, height, temperature, wedding lighting, and the wedding site color themes as a whole. It is also needed a coordination between the wedding cake designer with the catering services, wedding decorators, florists, and the manager of the wedding party room in planning the wedding cake creation and its delivery.

white lily wedding cakewhite lily wedding cake

A technique of using Styrofoam with some special creations will be a good choice to reduce the wedding cake budget. The selection of wedding cake accessories using natural materials, such as wild flowers growing freely outside there will be a good alternative to adorn the wedding cake design. The price of the materials used in making a wedding cake always fluctuates. We may make a reservation early to avoid the increase of the material price that will of course influence the wedding cake price entirely. If we want to have a wedding cake with a special theme, we need to order it in advance. It will usually take three or four months before the “H” day. And if we want to order our wedding cake from a popular wedding cake designer or wedding cake maker, we need also to order it early.

unique wedding cake designunique wedding cake design

Like the wedding dresses, a wedding cake has a special meaning in a wedding ceremony. When a knife in hand starts slicing the cake slowly, an emotional sensation of happiness fills the heart of the bride and groom, family members, relatives and the guests. Wedding cake cutting ceremony starts the round of happiness in a married life.

white three tiers wedding cakewhite three tiers wedding cake

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