Cinderella Wedding Themes

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cinderella wedding themescinderella wedding themes

The traditional English Cinderella wedding theme is as exotic as they come. The features such as long flowing gowns, horse-drawn carriages, bouquet tossing and toasts for the bride and groom are very wonderful. In the same way, Western guests take in Eastern weddings with awe. For you who have probably never attended a wedding with a Cinderella wedding theme will find this a magical experience.

cinderella wedding theme ideascinderella wedding theme ideas

Imagine getting your grandmother bopping to a live jazz band outside a marquee on a hot summer’s day! Be careful not to lose your identity and cause disappointment! The best recipe for success here would be to give the venue a western feel, complete with seating plan and order of event, but keep the Eastern spirit alive in the food, music and dance!

white cinderella wedding theme framewhite cinderella wedding theme frame

cinderella wedding cakes themecinderella wedding cakes theme

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