Vintage Wedding Rings

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vintage engagement ring designvintage engagement ring design

The real vintage engagement rings refer to a ring which is between thirty and fifty years old. But usually the rings in this period are usually named antiques which can be sold as vintage. This kind of engagement ring generally comes in more ornaments rather than the new rings which regularly contain larger stones. The cut of vintage engagement rings will probably be more various rather than new rings because they are cut by hand compared to the laser cut rings these days. The carat of the ring refers to the size and style or excess weight of the stone.

vintage diamond engagement ringsvintage diamond engagement ring

We can purchase vintage wedding rings from many sources. You find these rings during the property purchase, in a flea market, from the online auction, a consignment shop or from a jeweler. One of the best places to buy a vintage engagement ring is via a reputable jeweler. The stone is the most important part of the engagement ring. Vintage engagement rings are likely to have a more detailed setting but they will be more easily damaged, scratched and tarnished than most recent rings. That is why it is very wise to look at the setting completely to convince that the stones are established securely before buying it.

vintage princess cut engagement ringsvintage princess cut engagement ring

Vintage engagement rings also come in several choices of materials and designs such as vintage diamond engagement rings, vintage princess cut engagement rings, round vintage engagement rings and more. Just choose the one that is best suitable with your personal taste.

round vintage engagement ringsround vintage engagement ring

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