Tips to Consider when Choosing Bridal Accessories

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There are some guidelines to consider when choosing bridal accessories for your special day. Wedding gown is considered first.

bridal accessories with necklacebridal accessories with necklace

When choosing the necklace model, the gown cut and gown neckline is very decisive. If your wedding gown is full of beading and sequins which is already enough to attract attention, you’d better not wear any necklace. Let people enjoy the beauty of your wedding dress that you wear. The use of necklace will give an impression that looks too crowded and make it not easy to enjoy. As an ornament, you can wear an interesting pair of chandelier earrings to go properly with your wedding gown. This combination is very suitable with your high wedding dress neckline.

earrings and necklace bridal accessoriesearrings and necklace bridal accessories

For a wedding gown with a round neckline cut or sabrina, a necklace or pearl choker (36-40 cm) without a pendant and a pair of pendant earrings will complement your special appearance. But if you want to appear more elegant, you can wear a large pendant or a longer pearl necklace. For a V-neck wedding dress, it is better to be combined with V or Y necklace style or a round necklace with pendant. The common length for this kind of pendant is around 43-50 cm. It is generally called the princess and would be suitable to wear with all kinds of necklines except a wedding dress with a high neck cut.

necklace with pendant bridal accessoriesnecklace with pendant bridal accessories

While for a strapless wedding gown is very suitable to go with a collar type necklace (30-35) with a Victorian style with dangling down pendant. Though basically strapless wedding gown is very appropriate to go with all kinds of necklace. For a wedding dress with a high neck cut, it is better not wear a necklace. But if you have a wedding gown that comes with less complicated details and you have a casual party style, a lariat or a long necklace with opera type can be worn as long as the choice of colors and materials go harmoniously with your wedding gown. Both types of these necklaces will fall under the chest and are suitable with a high neck cut dress.

If your necklace is already enough to attract attention, you can wear a pair of simpler earrings. Otherwise if your necklace looks too casual or if you do not wear any necklace, you can choose to wear interesting earrings with pendant or chandelier. A bracelet can be worn with a sleeveless wedding dress.

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