Tips to Consider when Choosing Bridal Accessories III

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For formal wedding party, it would be better to choose big and elegant pearls that will give a luxurious sense for the brides. On the contrary, some bridal accessories with simpler models will be suitable for casual wedding party.

necklace with pearlsnecklace with pearls

bridal necklace and earrings with pearls and crystalbridal necklace and earrings with pearls and crystal

A silver necklace with one round pearl or crystal would enhance the look and still match with the wedding party style. For undefined wedding party style, the brides can wear a necklace with y-style or chocker crystal based on the wedding gown. Pearl is the most selected type as the bridal jewelry. Pearls give a traditional and classic impression and were used some centuries ago by the bride as a symbol of purity and perfection. The Ancient Romans symbolize pearls as wealth and social strata, while the Greeks connected the pearls with love, marriage and beauty.

simple wedding necklace and earringssimple wedding necklace and earrings

The Greeks also believe that the pearls will give you a harmony your household. Today, the brides also choose rhinestone or artificial diamond, natural rock crystal, glassy crystal or combination among them besides the pearl. The most important to remember is that your accessories must go harmoniously with your wedding gown. For example, a white wedding gown will go well with white pearl with silver setting. Ivory wedding dress will be best suitable with white pearl with gold setting.

wedding rhinestone headbandswedding rhinestone headbands

And beige wedding dresses would be very great to go with ivory pearls. Jewelries from stone, crystals and rhinestones work well with all kinds of wedding gown colors but it is better to choose the wedding dress with lighter color than the jewelries you are going to wear.

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