Wedding Rings for 2011

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Almost every culture knows the procession of wedding ring exchange as a symbol of love and the commitment to the marriage ceremony. Regeneration of the wedding ring symbol has gone through a transformation in form and style. Over time, the wedding ring becomes more various than ever because of the large differences in its design and materials. Here is a picture of the ring that will be the favorite in 2011.

wedding rings for 2011wedding rings for 2011
diamond wedding ring for 2011diamond wedding ring for 2011

In 2011, the trend of wedding ring still continues the trend of the past. Among the favorite materials, diamond will remain the main choice to decorate a wedding ring. The most popular metal functioning as a binder of the diamond is the platinum which shines more than the existence of other white metals. Diamond ornaments in both small and large size set on the platinum ring will be the favorite of the bride and groom in 2011. For platinum diamond ring for the groom, the possible favorite pattern includes the geometry formation, straight lines and a triangle form with a little garnish around it to add a soft impression.

white gold wedding ring for 2011white gold wedding ring for 2011

The platinum trend for 2011 will bring the brides to decorate their ring fingers with a thin wedding ring with diamond ornaments either small or large. We have seen in recent years that generally wedding ring will be simple with small diamond ornaments, rings studded with one big diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds and diamond platinum ring with a single pillow or oval diamond-shaped.

Another striking trend is the use of motifs and patterns of wedding ring that has become a favorite in recent years. The ring decorated with motifs will become a favorite because it illustrates the flexibility and availability of various motifs and patterns that can be implemented for a wedding ring. From the strong motifs that describe the courage until the use of an elaborate carving style motif like on Celtic patterns, rings with motifs are very ideal for those who do not want to use precious stones, diamonds or other precious stones.

celtic wedding ring for 2011celtic wedding ring for 2011

The next tendency is the combination of two metals with different colors, like gold and white gold in order to add charm and modern style for a wedding ring. The combination of two or more colors create the artistic and simple impression for a wedding ring with a motif or without the use of the motif. Wedding rings with a sculpture at the top and the ring body will also become popular because they create the feel of a simple and attractive style. Wedding rings with carved motifs often use a strong metal, like gold, palladium, white gold and platinum winding between a thin but strong strip from the metal with contrastive colors.

platinum wedding ring for 2011platinum wedding ring for 2011

Plain wedding rings will still tend to be a favorite in 2011, because the beauty of their sparkles. A plain wedding ring will be focused on metal, not on the motifs or the existence of the precious stones, which allow you and others to appreciate the beauty of metal. In addition, a plain wedding ring can be changed with your unique style as a couple and enable you to create a personal sensation in the procession of ring exchange.

gold wedding rings for 2011gold wedding rings for 2011

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